Clients say about us: As a result of successful automation the time required for generating reports has reduced to 3 business days while the quality of IFRS and RAS reports has improved. We would like to specially emphasize high level of skills of the Contractor's project team. The methodological component of accounting automation is quite bulky and labour intensive. Considering the importance of this work for project success it should be entrusted to high skilled professionals, such as Homnet Leasing employees.
Pavel Levskoy CFO RB Leasing, 2015


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RESO-leasing— joint leasing company is a part of RESO Group. Provides services for financing projects related to procurement of technological equipment, vehicle, special equipment or other property on the leasing scheme.

During the implementation project were automated:

  • front-office
  • back-office
  • local accounting
  • tax accounting
  • IFRS
More information about this implementation project read on the Russian version of website.

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