Clients say about us: Ensuring property insurance is one of the important components of leasing business risks minimization. Due to Homnet Leasing Insurance module we obtained a high-quality tool that made it possible for us to increase the efficiency and reliability of the insurance procedure and established a base for further growth and development of our company.
Ekaterina Egorova Financial Director De Lage Landen Leasing, 2012

De Lage Landen Leasing

De Lage Landen Leasing
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De Lage Landen Leasing (DLL Leasing) is a subsidiary of leasing company De Lage Landen (The Netherlands, Rabobank Group) that was founded in 1969 and is an international supplier of leasing solutions. It specialises in financing agricultural and construction machinery as well as commercial vehicles.

DLL Leasing uses industrial solution Homnet Leasing 14 on 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform as a complex informational system. Automation of IFRS reports generation was performed in the framework of the project for developing the company informational system. DLL Leasing Company faced the challenge of formalizing the report generation logic, reducing the timing of report generation, improving the quality of reports, and achieving the maximum possible automation of IFRS reports generation process.

The project of IFRS automation was organized on the basis of the standard project of Homnet Leasing IFRS Module implementation and took 4 months in total to complete. The following works were performed:

  • gap-fit analysis on the basis of standard Homnet Leasing IFRS functionality,
  • system upgrade,
  • input of lease portfolio balances as of 01January 2014 and restoration of data from January to August 2014,
  • justifying differences between the system data and indicators previously prepared in Excel
  • setting of reconciliation and final reports with Composed Reporting Functionality:
    • reconciliation of translated entries,
    • the statement of financial position,
    • the statement of comprehensive income, etc.
  • DLL Leasing employees have been trained on the methodology of data generation and reconciliation as well as generation of reports.

Most upgrades required for system functionality improvement were performed with the Industrial Approach technology. The upgraded functionality was issued as a new software release. Thanks to that, as a result of the project the system remained standard. It allows easy system upgrade and considerable reduction of support costs. In the course of the project Homnet Leasing IFRS functionality was expanded with the following possibilities:

  • accounting of investment costs for the purposes of IFRS in accordance with management accounting data;
  • automatic procedure of subsidies accounting in IFRS;
  • detalization of reporting indicators by analytical attributes of contracts (a leasing product, a vendor, etc.).

By now Homnet Leasing IFRS module have been brought into productive operation. A SLA (Service Level Agreement) has been concluded with De Lage Landen Leasing, under which the Homnet Leasing team provides remote support to the system with financial guaranties of support responsiveness and quality.

As a result of the project the IFRS Department of DLL Leasing has got a convenient tool making it possible to generate IFRS reports based on accounting data in a special informational system, which positively influences the quality of generated reports. Thanks to that company allows to provide reliable IFRS monthly reports at 5th day. Ekaterina Egorova, Financial Director of DLL Leasing, comments, "We would like to specially emphasize high skills and professionalism of Homnet Leasing specialists and I can surely give them the highest grade for completing the project works."


De Lage Landen in Russian leasing market since 2006. De Lage Landen is 100% owned by Rabobank. De Lage Landen specializes in asset financing and vendor finance programs on a worldwide scale. The company focuses on the following industries: Food and Agriculture, Healthcare, Office Technology, Financial Institutions, Transportation and Construction & Industrial. De Lage Landen offers private-label leasing programs for the Banking industry, and delivers a broad range of financial services to leasing organizations and non-banking financial institutions.

During the implementation project were automated

  • front-office
  • back-office
  • local accounting
  • tax accounting

More information about this implementation project read on the Russian version of website.

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