Clients say about us: When selecting a software solution we made a stake on the possibilities of 1C:Enterprise platform and vast practical experience of the Homnet Leasing team in completing the projects of developing and implementing information systems for Russian leasing companies. As a result we have got not only a reliable company management tool but also a solution that makes it possible to maintain a technology of working with the clients at a high European level.
Sergey Dianin General Director ARVAL, 2007

VTB Leasing

VTB Leasing
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VTB Leasing— a multifunctional leasing company leader of the leasing services market. VTB Leasing was established in June 2002. The sole shareholder of VTB Leasing is Bank VTB. VTB Leasing presently has regional offices in Russian Federation and subsidiary companies in CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia) and countries of Europe (Cyprus and Ireland); VTB Leasing is also one of the leading Russian leasing companies offering a broad range of leasing services and performing its activities both in Russia and abroad.

The need to implement the automated system in VTB Leasing was dictated by the rapid development of the company's business and, as a consequence, a significant increase in the volume of work. The Homnet Leasing 8 solution was chosen to develop a unified information accounting system. An important criterion for this decision was that Homnet Leasing specialists had a lot of experience in successfully developing IT solutions for leasing companies. Of equal importance were the high performance and scalability of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform and modular architecture of the Homnet Leasing 8 system, allowing step-by-step implementation.

The following tasks were completed as a result of implementing the Homnet Leasing 8 configuration at VTB Leasing OJSC:

  • local and tax accounting were automated (for most accounting sections). The project also solved issues of bond accounting and repos, and implemented automatic extract recognition, making it possible to adjust diversification rules on the basis of cumulative statistics;
  • leasing schedule calculation was automated in accordance with international standards based on Homnet Leasing IFRS. As a result, VTB Leasing staff has a convenient mechanism at its disposal for generating the main IFRS leasing portfolio indicators with large data sets, including net investment balance, interest income and others. A distinctive feature of the system is that the indicators are calculated not only for regular contracts, but also for different restructuring cases.

VTB Leasing management made additional system demands in the process of automation. Some of these demands were taken into account, developed and included in the functionality of the Homnet Leasing 8 standard "box" solution. The system was mainly updated using additional specialized modules, allowing for reduced costs of after-sales support with maximum quality and stability of functionality. The entire functionality was developped with consideration of the increasing requirements for reliability and performance.

Operational accounting automation is currently being implemented:

  • leased assets supply and transfer management,
  • leased assets insurance management,
  • loan portfolio accounting.

VTB Leasing uses Homnet Leasing 8 solutions in a group of countries. VTB Leasing business units in Ukraine and Cyprus have deployed systems on this platform.

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