Clients say about us: « When selecting a software solution we made a stake on the possibilities of 1C:Enterprise platform and vast practical experience of the Homnet Leasing team in completing the projects of developing and implementing information systems for Russian leasing companies. As a result we have got not only a reliable company management tool but also a solution that makes it possible to maintain a technology of working with the clients at a high European level. »
Sergey Dianin General Director ARVAL, 2007

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus
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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus is a Russian company with 100% foreign capital; its sole shareholder is Daimler AG (Germany) group of companies. The company’s core business is providing financing (leasing) to legal entities to acquire Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and Daimler AG commercial equipment, including tractor-trailers, buses and commercial vehicles.

Previously, the company used a set of poorly integrated software products, including a Western lease management system. This approach had a number of major shortcomings: multiple data input, difficulty in modifying the basic business process, and expensive and inefficient support.

After considering all possible offers, the top-managers of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus chose the Homnet Leasing 8 standard solution developed on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. Sales Management, a new specialized module of the Homnet Leasing 8 system, was used to automate sales and lease transaction processes.

The first phase of the project involved describing the business processes and simulating user operations in the standard version of the software. The simulation results were used to develop detailed optimized business processes of the company’s operations with regard to the use of the new information system capabilities, and to make a list of required enhancements.

As a result, the functionality of the Sales Management module was increased in order to improve user convenience and efficiency. All required functionality was developed within the new release of the product’s “box” version. This made it possible to adapt the solution to the business processes of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus solely by parametric adjustment of the system.

The operations of most of the company’s business units were automated during implementation. They include, in particular:

Sales Department:

  • registering customers’ applications, settling transactions, preparing commercial offers,
  • automatically generating primary documents from the system (including lease agreements and supply contracts, certificates of transfer, etc.),
  • online liaison between the sales department and other business units (risk, legal and other departments),

Credit Department:

  • approving lease applications and agreements, monitoring the compliance of transactions to accepted credit solutions,

Contract Department:

  • generating payment and fee schedules under lease agreements specific to the leased item,
  • registering modifications and supplements to lease agreements and monitoring their status,
  • procedure for calculating, charging and remitting a penalty,

Accounting Department:

  • lessee accounting, automatic generation of statements and invoices.

The Homnet Leasing 8 system was put into commercial operation in November 2011. More than 30 people are currently using the system. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been concluded with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus for remote system maintenance by Homnet Leasing’s support service.

«Working in a team with experts from Homnet Leasing has given us an up-to-date system that has increased work efficiency and convenience on site», says Tatyana Romanenko, Chief Accountant, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus, commenting on the project results.

«Implementation of the full box product and maintenance under the SLA allowed us to use the full potential of the Homnet Leasing solution and reduce the cost of future system support», says Andreyi Dmitrenko, Chief Information Officer, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus.

«We regard Homnet Leasing as a competent, reliable supplier and we are planning to develop our partnership», says Andreas Lehr, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus, commenting on the results.

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