Clients say about us: After 7 years of fruitful cooperation the Homnet Leasing team has again confirmed its professionalism: two large-scale projects have been performed shortly and practically did not impede the everyday activities of our company. The new solution version was completely standard, which makes it possible to install updates and gradually increase the functionality due to new modules installation.
Tatiana Goncharova General Director IVECO Capital, 2012

Ukrainian Leasing Fund

Ukrainian Leasing Fund
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Ukrainian Leasing Fund LLC is a leasing company established in Kiev in 2011. The company is a subsidiary of VEB-Leasing OJSC, the largest leasing company in Russia, the CIS, and countries of Eastern and Central Europe in terms of new business (according to the rating agency Expert RA and the ranking of the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations LEASEUROPE 2010). The company provides a broad range of leasing services for small and medium businesses, as well as for Ukrainian residents. The company aims to become a leading lessor in Ukraine in terms of leasing service sales and number of contracts for small and medium businesses. The Company plans to develop its regional network to 10 additional units in 2011–2013.

The management of Ukrainian Leasing Fund chose software for automation of leasing planning, accounting and analysis, and management of business processes in 2011. The 1C:Enterprise and Homnet Leasing 8 software system based on Homnet Leasing 8 developed by the Russian company Homnet Leasing with the implementation from ALMA were considered the best proposals in terms of functionality.

Before the automation project it was tasked with creating a system that would allow full automation of key business processes of Ukrainian Leasing Fund for effective management of leasing activities, making management and accounting decisions, and for both management and regulatory accounting in the information base, including accounting at regional offices (branches).

The purpose of implementing Homnet Leasing 8 was to meet the following requirements for business process automation:

  • reducing the impact of the "human factor" on the company's business processes;
  • improving the productivity of office staff by reducing the time for transmitting business process information; and reducing the time and cost of transmitting information;
  • improving the company’s response to external events;
  • increasing the companys flexibility by simplifying and improving modern business processes.

In May 2012, Ukrainian Leasing Fund completed basic Homnet Leasing 8 implementation initiated by ALMA in March 2012.

During this automation project, the software solution was adjusted to the Companys needs, and staff were trained in the use of this information system.

The Homnet Leasing 8 system was recently put into commercial operation providing automation of 10 workplaces.

Ukrainian Leasing Fund together with ALMA is continuing system adaptation and enhancement of the number of the users.

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