Clients say about us: After 7 years of fruitful cooperation the Homnet Leasing team has again confirmed its professionalism: two large-scale projects have been performed shortly and practically did not impede the everyday activities of our company. The new solution version was completely standard, which makes it possible to install updates and gradually increase the functionality due to new modules installation.
Tatiana Goncharova General Director IVECO Capital, 2012

RB Leasing

RB Leasing
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RB Leasing company, which was founded in 2003 and in 2011 united three Russian leasing subsidiaries of the French Group Societe Generale, is 100% owned by Rosbank with which it cooperates in its activities all over Russia. The priority business directions are deals with large companies in the sectors of metallurgy and metal processing, construction, energy and power engineering, railway transportation, telecommunications, transport and communications, retail trade, as well as work with SME.

Earlier for performing Russian statutory and tax accounting as well as for generating IFRS reports RB Leasing used 1C:Accounting 7.7 Software adapted for the needs of leasing business and MS Excel tables. With time this system ceased to meet the company requirements as it had a number of drawbacks: low operational efficiency as a result of weakly automated processes; the system did not fully meet the legal requirements and did not allow automatic generation of correct regulatory reports; generation of IFRS reports took substantial time, and analytical properties of the reports were insufficient due to source data oddness.

However for efficient development the company needed a system that would allow full automation of its operations. After considering a number of options the leasing company specialists have chosen transfer to the distributed industrial system Homnet Leasing 14.

At the first stage of implementing the automation project Homnet Leasing specialists installed the software, developed mechanisms for automatic transfer and reconciliation of data, and transferred data from 1C:Accounting 7.7 and Excel to the new informational system. User training on working with the system was performed; consultations to RB Leasing employees during reporting period closure were provided.

The second project stage was automation of IFRS reporting on the basis of Homnet Leasing IFRS module. As a result RB Leasing key users now generate IFRS reports based on accounting data in the informational system (shared with RAS reporting), making it possible to analyse any report by operations, which positively influenced the quality of the reports.

"As a result of successful automation the time required for generating reports has reduced to 3 business days while the quality of IFRS and RAS reports has improved", comments Pavel Levskoy, RB Leasing CFO. "We would like to specially emphasize high level of skills of the Contractor's project team. The methodological component of accounting automation is quite bulky and labour intensive. Considering the importance of this work for project success it should be entrusted to high skilled professionals, such as Homnet Leasing employees."

Part of the developments required to increase the system efficiency was performed through upgrading standard configuration. With this approach IFRS module functionality was expanded, IFRS accounting of investment costs based on actual payments to suppliers (prefunding) was automated.

By now Homnet Leasing 14 modules have been brought into productive operation. A SLA (Service Level Agreement) has been concluded with RB Leasing, under which the Homnet Leasing team provides remote support to the system.

"We have started this project because efficient management of a leasing company is impossible without using advanced information technologies", comments Pavel Levskoy on the project results. "As a result of reliable productive system implementation our company has got a fully standard solution as well as financial guarantees of the supplier on the system efficiency and informational and technology support under the SLA."

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