Clients say about us: « Contacting Homnet Leasing experts we perfectly understood that there would be a difficult path to go, which would inevitably lead to success. Our many year cooperation is a serious term to assure of the reliability of our partner and the quality of their services. »
Anastasiya Sergeeva Chief accountant UniCredit Leasing, 2010



  • 1C:Homnet Company foundation.
  • Determination of the strategy cooperation with corporative sector and building of the long-term relationship with the customers.


  • Samsung Electronics, Sukhoi Company (JSC), Kvaerner E & C UK Ltd., Ajinomoto Co. Inc. and other Russian and foreign big companies became 1C:Homnet first customers.


  • The company began to cooperate with the representatives of the leasing business. The first accounting and managing accounting automation projects in SIAL-Leasing (today Element-Leasing) and in International Moscow Bank Leasing company (UniCredit Leasing).
  • 1C:Homnet begins development of Homnet:Leasing.Prof. (Leasing 7.7) standard solution for leasing companies automation on 1C:Enterprise 7.7 platform.


  • The prototype of Homnet:Leasing.Prof system is introduced to the market. Later this system will become the most popular and widely spread solution for leasing companies automation in Russia.
  • First blocks of Homnet:Leasing.Prof system Local accounting and Contracts register are implemented successfully in the EXPO-Leasing company.
  • 1C:Homnet experts keep on development of the new system on 1C:Enterprise 7.7 platform. In cooperation with the leading leasing Russian companies they create new solution modules  Loans received accounting, Pledges accounting, Fixed assets accounting and so on.


  • In October 1C:Homnet officially presents the standard solution Homnet:Leasing.Prof to the leasing community during the «Leasing companies business process automation» seminar held by Leasing Review magazine. By this moment more than 10 leasing companies had been using Homnet:Leasing.Prof.
  • 1C company and Rosleasing (Russian Association of leasing companies) considered 1C:Homnet to be the most qualified leasing solutions developer on 1:Enterprise platform.
  • 1C:Homnet gains victory in the information system creation tender for URALSIB Leasing Company.
  • 1C:Homnet creates Department of business solutions for leasing.
  • Development and promotion of specialized business solutions for managing and accounting automation in leasing companies becomes main business dimension of the company.
  • 1C:Homnet experts begin to develop the complex solution for leasing companies automation on 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.


  • A presentation seminar is held to show Homnet Leasing 8, this attracts great interest of the leasing community.
  • 1C:Homnet gains victory in the Information system choice tender for KAMAZ Leasing Company. Homnet Leasing 8 is chosen as a basis for the future information system.
  • 1C:Homnet experts create implementation technology of information systems in leasing companies which can minimize risks of automation project and allows to get first results within a month after the system was implemented. Practice proves the efficiency of this technology.
  • The affiliate program 1C:Homnet for implementation of Homnet Leasing solutions in the regional leasing companies was created and started. With the help of 1C:Homnet partners the first automation projects in the regions were completed.


  • 1C:Homnet becomes a leader in the field of development and implementation of information systems for leasing companies and gets a «Leader in number of completed automation projects in leasing companies in 2006» diploma from Expert RA Rating Agency.
  • More than 15 leasing companies in Russia choose Homnet Leasing 8 as a complex solution for the managing and accounting automation.
  • More than 50 leasing companies use Homnet:Leasing.Prof (Leasing 7.7).


  • More than 120 leasing companies use Homnet Leasing solutions.
  • 1C:Homnet holds reorganization the company is modified into a group of Homnet companies. Homnet Leasing becomes a part of the holding. It was founded on the basis of Department of Business Solutions for Leasing.
  • According to the Expert RA results 1C:Homnet gets the «Most popular IT consultant for leasing companies in 2007» diploma.


  • Rosleasing publishes the results of the massive leasing companies automation market research according to which 69,2% of lessors who uses complex information systems work with Homnet Leasing.
  • INERA Consulting becomes a part of Homnet Leasing.
  • Homnet Leasing IFRS the first expert IT solution in Russia for IFRS accounting automation is released.
  • In cooperation with Ukraine partner Alliance, Homnet Leasing develops a complex solution for automation of the Ukraine leasing companies according to the Ukraine legislation system.
  • Expert RA Rating Agency gives Homnet Leasing a «Leader in leasing automation in 2008» diploma.


  • Homnet Leasing releases new version of standard solution Homnet Leasing 8 with new opportunities such as leasing contracts accounting automation for the contracts with floating percentage, preparation of the information for Rosfinmonitoring and document accounting for collection of payments
  • More than 200 projects are realized.
  • De Lage Langen, AKI-LEASING, RUST Leasing Company become Homnet Leasing customers.
  • Expert RA awards Homnet Leasing with the «Most popular IT consultant for leasing companies in 2009» diploma.


  • VEB-Leasing, BOT Lease, Ukragroleasing, Alliance-Leasing, Nordea Leasing, Volvo Financial Services Vostok, Deutsche Leasing Vostok become Homnet Leasing customers.
  • Expert RA awards Homnet Leasing with the «Most popular IT consultant for leasing companies in 2010» diploma.


  • New Homnet Leasing clients include Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Rus, BMW Leasing, RTK-LEASING.
  • Rating Agency Expert RA awarded Homnet Leasing a diploma in the category «The most popular IT consultant of leasing companies 2011».


  • An industry box solution Homnet: Local and Operational Accounting of Leasing Company was launched to the market. The software solution was developed with the purpose to satisfy the needs of leasing companies in an affordable and functional product for automation of local and operational accounting. In 2012 over 20 leasing companies started to use this solution.
  • Homnet Leasing experts develop and bring into the market two functional modules of Homnet Leasing industrial information system: Homnet Leasing Sales and Homnet Leasing Insurance.
  • Homnet Leasing became a member of The United Leasing Association.
  • As a result of 2012 Rating Agency Expert RA awarded Homnet Leasing a diploma in the category «Leader in automation of leasing companies 2012».


  • Industrial solution Homnet Leasing 14 was launched to the market. It is a modern practical tool for managing various leasing deals at all stages — from first client contact to final disposal of the leased items. Functionality of 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform allows using the system at large enterprises with hundreds of users and portfolios including hundreds of thousands of leased items.
  • As a result of 2013 Rating Agency Expert RA awarded Homnet Leasing a diploma in the category «Leader in automation of leasing companies business 2013».