Clients say about us: As a result of successful automation the time required for generating reports has reduced to 3 business days while the quality of IFRS and RAS reports has improved. We would like to specially emphasize high level of skills of the Contractor's project team. The methodological component of accounting automation is quite bulky and labour intensive. Considering the importance of this work for project success it should be entrusted to high skilled professionals, such as Homnet Leasing employees.
Pavel Levskoy CFO RB Leasing, 2015


Homnet Leasing is a leading developer of the information systems for leasing business automation in Russia. The company implements ERP, solves the following particular problems as automation of front-office, leasing operations, financial planning, budgeting, local accounting, tax accounting and also IFRS.

Homnet Leasing offers their customers a comprehensive approach to leasing companies business development which includes analysis and diagnostic, management accounting organization, business processes optimization, information systems implementation, users training, resolution of the priorities for system development planning, solutions’ support and maintenance.

The Homnet Leasing customers are public, private, both foreign and Russian companies working in the field of retail and corporate leasing and carrying out transactions of different complexity level. Today 160 leasing companies use the advantages of Homnet Leasing solutions.

In 2008 INERA Consulting, developer of the informational systems for leasing companies on the Microsoft Dynamics AX basis became a part of Homnet Leasing.

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Homnet Leasing Experts

There are more than 50 high-qualified specialists working in Homnet Leasing who has project solution portfolio accumulated due to big number of the successfully realized automation projects of different complexity. All the Homnet Leasing specialists are professional consultants who learned the leasing specificity and who possesses best methodologies and practices of the business processes and management accounting organization in leasing companies.

Homnet Leasing Quality

The Homnet Leasing quality management system was worked out according to company peculiarities and it represents the result of the continuous improvement and business processes optimization. In 2004 according to the results of the Quality Management System audit Homnet Leasing received an ISO 9001:2008 demands correspondence certificate from DNV Certification agency.

The Homnet Leasing solutions are being improved continuously. In fact for the last 10 years of cooperation with leasing business representatives these solutions became a branch standard of the accounting and management in leasing companies.

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