Clients say about us: When selecting a software solution we made a stake on the possibilities of 1C:Enterprise platform and vast practical experience of the Homnet Leasing team in completing the projects of developing and implementing information systems for Russian leasing companies. As a result we have got not only a reliable company management tool but also a solution that makes it possible to maintain a technology of working with the clients at a high European level.
Sergey Dianin General Director ARVAL, 2007


Homnet Leasing Company offers you to subscribe to weekly review of the Russian leasing market  Leasing Digest. The reviews are distributed under subscription for free from January 2009.

The purpose of Leasing Digest is to provide top managers and experts of leasing companies with maximum information on competitive environment, news and events in the leasing industry.

Each Digest is the summary of topically-structured information on operations of leasing market participants for the past week. Specific attention in compiling this review is given to significant facts of leasing companies activity.

Currently, the reviews are the most comprehensive information source on situation on the Russian leasing services market. In compiling a review, we process 700-1000 materials that relate to leasing over 3,800 sources which are:

  • state authorities;
  • enterprises and organizations (leasing companies, banks, investment and financial and insurance companies, equipment and machinery manufacturers, leasing receiving companies);
  • information, analytical and rating agencies;
  • TV, radio, newspapers and magazines (including regional media, industrial and specialized magazines).

All information in Leasing Digest is compressed to the maximum extent and referred to so as to avoid redundancy, excessive secondary details and advertizing rhetoric.

Structure and topics of a review:

  • Lessors information on contracts made, projects realized, new leasing products and programs, marketing campaigns, securities, attraction of credit resource, shareholders and partners meetings, contracts with other market members manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and machinery, market regulators.
  • Lessees information on receiving leased property by enterprises and organizations, leasing development activities undertaken by state authorities on different levels.
  • Credit fund providers information on provision of credit resources to lessors from banks, investment and financial companies and funds.
  • Insurance companies information on products offered by insurers to leasing companies, contracts made and compensation for insured events with leased property.
  • Trends briefly about major market tendencies, statistics, expert opinions and forecasts, important events.
  • Legislation and Taxation information on drafting and ratification of legal acts by regional and federal authorities as regards activity of leasing companies including taxation matters.
  • Government information of governmental projects and programs connected with leasing industry.
  • Arbitration practice information on the course of proceedings with participation of leasing companies in arbitration courts of different levels, and decisions taken on such proceedings.
  • Automation and consulting information from developers and consulting companies regarding new products and software.
  • Implementation of Agribusiness Industry Development National Plan information on transfer of equipment, machinery, pedigree stock to agricultural producers under federal and regional programs of agribusiness industry development, activity of OJSC Rosagroleasing.
  • Events information on forthcoming events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops) of interest of leasing companies.
  • Tenders information on tenders for election of leasing services providers.
  • Supplement references to materials which go beyond the review but are potentially interesting for managers and experts of leasing companies (analytical market review, ratings, interviews with leasing companies managers, topical articles).

When no information for a specific section is available for the past week, it is excluded from review.

Regular review size: 715 A4 pages.

You can see an example of Leasing Digest here:

Leasing Digest #34, 2529 September 2017
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