Clients say about us: « After 7 years of fruitful cooperation the Homnet Leasing team has again confirmed its professionalism: two large-scale projects have been performed shortly and practically did not impede the everyday activities of our company. The new solution version was completely standard, which makes it possible to install updates and gradually increase the functionality due to new modules installation. »
Tatiana Goncharova General Director IVECO Capital, 2012

Homnet Leasing 14 — a technological revolution in leasing automation


At the conference Leasing in Russia — 2013, Dmitry Kurdomonov, Homnet Leasing’s Managing Director presented the Industrial Approach technology and explained why the release of the new software solution Homnet Leasing 14 was a technological revolution in leasing automation.

The XII Annual Conference Leasing in Russia — 2013, organized by the rating agency Expert RA with the participation of the United Leasing Association, was held in Moscow on December 4, 2013. Participants in this event included the representatives of leasing, insurance and consulting companies, and banking and audit structures. They discussed the main trends and development prospects of the leasing market for 2014, as well as last year’s results.

Dmitry Kurdomonov, Homnet Leasing’s Managing Director, was invited to speak at the conference as a leasing automation expert. In his presentation, Mr. Kurdomonov summarized and analyzed Homnet Leasing’s ten years of experience in this field. During this period, more than a hundred different projects were carried out: standard adaptions, customized systems, and customized systems based on standard solutions. The analysis showed that none of the traditional software approaches (customized development from scratch, stadard product adaption) bring sustainable results, and even apparently good systems become useless over time. This problem was resolved by the Industrial Approach technology. Instead of customizing a standard solution, new users' needs are met directly by a standard solution. This system is very flexible and allows customized adaption according to specific company needs without additional modifications and is able to cover the whole range of main leasing tasks.

Mr. Kurdomonov stressed that this approach provides significant benefits: all system adaptations are of high quality, since they are implemented by specialists; the product is provided with documention, so a change of key users does not affect the operation of the system and its development rate; cost of system upgrading is fixed and takes minimal time; user support is accompanied by a guaranteed level of financial obligations. Due to these advantages, the industrial approach, unlike customized development, guarantees protection of the leasing company’s investments in the information system. And most importantly, the lifecycle of this information system is effectively limited only by the supplier’s lifetime.

According to Mr. Kurdomonov, implementation of the industrial approach resulted in the industrial system Homnet Leasing 14. The modular architecture of this product allows gradual and flexible expansion of system functionality by means of specific modules; it supports the latest technologies — use of a web interface using and access to the system from mobile devices. This is not just a standard product that is the basis for development, but an industrial system that has open vistas for development in line with market trends. The new features included in regular system releases are based on the leasing community’s best practices. The solution has a well-proven implementation technology, integrated architecture, system functionality is independent of the implementation team and industrial support is provided. Given all these benefits, this system can really be considered as a technological revolution in leasing automation. The speaker noted that Homnet Leasing 14 modules had been successfully implemented and put into commercial operation at leasing companies like VEB-Leasing, IVECO Capital Russia, De Lage Landen Leasing, Deutsche Leasing Vostok, and MAN Financial Services. To date, more than 15 companies are using the unified system, and are supported under the terms of SLA.

In concluding his presentation, the speaker annouced the launch of Homnet Leasing’s updated website, where leasing company representatives can get more detailed information on the new Homnet Leasing 14 software solution and get answers to their questions. The conference ended with an awards ceremony for leasing market leaders. Homnet Leasing was once again declared the winner in the Leader in Leasing Companies Automation — 2013 category. Thus, Homnet Leasing confirms its status for the eighth year in a row.

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