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St. Valentine's Day, or IT technologies


On St. Valentine's Day the semi-finalist of the competition The Leaders of Russia shared his passion to information technologies with schoolchildren.

The open lesson On Choosing a Profession was held in Sochi, in Gymnasium School 1 for class 9 A. The speakers included Dmitry Kurdomonov, Managing Director of Homnet Leasing, a leader in automation of leasing companies in Russia, and Semyon Shteinman, the Chief Expert of Homnet Leasing. Dmitry himself studied at Gymnasium School No.1.

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Dmitry and Semyon acted as stereotype breakers claiming that IT technologies can be interesting. Dmitry Kurdomonov told about the role of information technologies in our lives, what the essence of the software developer profession is, as well as what steps should be taken in order to take the path of a professional in the field of IT already at school.

Semyon Shteinman conducted an interactive lesson, showed the students what development tools look like and gave an example of development in a few minutes he created a database that collects data from the Russian Football Premier League, with the help of which it is possible to get various interesting statistics (and what other statistics can be obtained from the Russian Premier League?).

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At the end of the open lesson, all students were presented with memorable T-shirts accompanied with a few encouraging words, Now everyone, young and old, should master basics of IT. We need to understand that the world has changed a lot. Everything that surrounds us in the modern world is based on programming. IT is now growing at such a rate that we can choose not even from a dozen of professions we are already talking about at least twenty.

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