Clients say about us: When selecting a software solution we made a stake on the possibilities of 1C:Enterprise platform and vast practical experience of the Homnet Leasing team in completing the projects of developing and implementing information systems for Russian leasing companies. As a result we have got not only a reliable company management tool but also a solution that makes it possible to maintain a technology of working with the clients at a high European level.
Sergey Dianin General Director ARVAL, 2007


6 june 2014
Russia Asset and Auto Finance Survey (Asset Finance International Ltd.)
Leasing business automation where Russia is different

Dmitry Kurdomonov, Managing Director of Homnet Leasing

When setting up representative offices abroad, international leasing corporations install software solutions at an early stage. It would seem that the simplest solution is to implement in affiliate companies the same information system as in the parent organization, but in practice, most international leasing companies apply a different approach — they choose a solution from a local provider

5 june 2007
The Moscow Times, 3671
The role of business solutions in leasing companies development strategy

Dmitry Kurdomonov, Managing Director of Homnet Leasing

Russian leasing market is being developed roughly, and the experts discuss the near-term outlook of this relatively young branch. According to one of forecasts, the rates of the leasing market growth will increase until 2010. In conditions of growing competition only the strongest will survive. Today the most significant factors of competitive capacity are affiliated regional offices, development of new programs for customers, speed of requests processing and application approval. And of course, the critically important points in this situation are defined business-processes, efficient cash flow management and a possibility to respond immediately to market changes. No need to mention that it is impossible without all-round automation.

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