Clients say about us: Homnet Leasing has proved itself as a reliable partner able to deliver the project with high quality and within the allocated customer's team.
Dmitry Kurochkin General Director Cisco Capital, 2011


Homnet Leasing provides full service package for leasing automation:

Information systems Implementation projects

Project activity in such a complicated sphere is a mixture of experience, high qualification, technology and team desire to succeed. It is the mixture which can help to realize Homnet Leasing projects according to customers budget and requirements. Homnet Leasing can offer both projects aimed at the maximum consideration of individual demands and less scale projects aimed at the automation of the most needed and general processes of the leasing company.

Information systems development

A successful automation of a leasing company naturally leads to appearance of new requirements to a system, because company top-management and staff see the high efficiency of the time and money invested in the business automation. The functional improvement or the implementation of the new one functional is carried out with participation of the Homnet Leasing consultants and according to the project technology. Such an approach to the information system development can guarantee that the customer will get an architecturally correct, transparent and documented system which can easily stand the new functional modules implementation (if new tasks appear or if the business processes of the company are to be changed) and the executive team change. These are the main Homnet Leasing projects advantages over the other tailor-made automation systems.

Information-technological support

The information-technological support can help the customers use Homnet Leasing software products successfully and efficiently. There is a special hotline operating in Homnet Leasing which helps to react swiftly to any customers problems occurred while using the software product. The specialists can be asked all the questions by phone, e-mail, web-site or live consultations. Also the customers using information-technological support are provided with an access to new releases, new software editions, new report forms and methodical manual for solution using. The Service Level Agreement guarantees to a customer that all the problems which can occur while using the system will be solved in time and at a proper quality level.

Consulting services

Homnet Leasing specialists can offer the following service while cooperating with leasing companies on the automation working out and development of the information system, leasing company information system audit, business processes description and optimization, organization of the accounting according to IFRS for leasing companies, users training.

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