Clients say about us: When selecting a software solution we made a stake on the possibilities of 1C:Enterprise platform and vast practical experience of the Homnet Leasing team in completing the projects of developing and implementing information systems for Russian leasing companies. As a result we have got not only a reliable company management tool but also a solution that makes it possible to maintain a technology of working with the clients at a high European level.
Sergey Dianin General Director ARVAL, 2007


A successful automation of a leasing company naturally leads to appearance of new requirements to a system, because company top-management and staff see the high efficiency of the time and money invested in the business automation. The functional improvement or the implementation of the new one functional is carried out with participation of the Homnet Leasing consultants and according to the project technology. Such an approach to the information system development can guarantee that the customer will get an architecturally correct, transparent and documented system which can easily stand the new functional modules implementation (if new tasks appear or if the business processes of the company are to be changed) and the executive team change. These are the main Homnet Leasing projects advantages over the other tailor-made automation systems.

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