Clients say about us: Ensuring property insurance is one of the important components of leasing business risks minimization. Due to Homnet Leasing Insurance module we obtained a high-quality tool that made it possible for us to increase the efficiency and reliability of the insurance procedure and established a base for further growth and development of our company.
Ekaterina Egorova Financial Director De Lage Landen Leasing, 2012


Homnet Leasing provides maintenance and support SLAs — these are fixed price agreements concluded between the Supplier and the Customer, which describe the level of service and the timings of cases processing. If the timings are not met the Supplier shall pay the penalty.

Main features
  • online access to the case registration system, e-mail notification
  • reports on case status and timing
  • financial responsibility of the Supplier for meeting the agreed deadlines
  • a personal manager
  • bug fixes are performed in the main trunk
Additional features
  • updates deployment
  • improvement through the main trunk
  • SLA for the customized part of the solution ("out of the box" solution)
SLA complex support content
  • new releases of the software package providing new editions and releases of Homnet Leasing and methodology updates (as far as they are released) by means of granting access to the Homnet Leasing software products technical support web-site
  • hotline phone and email Homnet Leasing software products support line
  • request management management of requests and changes by a SLA manager, guarantee of the problem fixing timing according to the categories (from 2 to 10 workdays, problems of the 1–3 priority). Regular (monthly) reports on the request statuses
  • regular updates regular updates installation on the Customer's system (at the discretion of the provider, at least once a quarter), providing information about the new features of the system
  • regular service visits regular (monthly) monitoring of the data consistency to make sure the system works correctly. Recommendations on the system usage and development
  • additional services training of new users, improvements, working with data

Thus the new service, firstly, is a full-fledged alternative for the in-house IT-support team and, secondly, has the following advantages over company's IT-specialist:

  • the Customer doesn't need to incur costs for an in-house support team (office, working place, salary)
  • the Customer doesn't depend on holidays, absenteeism, motivation loss, dismissal and knowledge of some or other in-house IT-specialists
  • the Customer shall have online control of the statuses of all the tasks and deadlines and will get regular reports on the efficiency of the IT-specialists
  • the Customer shall have the possibility to change the standard "out of the box" system and also to update the system for a fixed price very fast
  • the Customer shall have financial guarantees on the problem resolution according to problem categories within the approved timing
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