Homnet Leasing information systems for automation of leasing activities permit to enhance performance of a leasing company as well as customer service enabling lessors to achieve their best at the leasing market.

Homnet Leasing 14 software solution

Homnet Leasing 14 is a modern practical tool for managing various leasing deals at all stages Ч from first client contact to final disposal of the leased items. Due to our 15-year experience of software implementation and development at the dynamic leasing market in CIS countries the system is very flexible and offers opportunities of individual settings without any developments. Functionality of 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform allows using the System at large enterprises with hundreds of users and portfolios including hundreds of thousands of leased items.

A distinctive feature of Homnet Leasing 14 System is high economic efficiency of automation and minimization of implementation and development risks due to use of a mass-market documented functionality and time-honoured technologies by a market leader.

Implementation of Homnet Leasing 14 offers the following new opportunities to leasing business

  • access to best practices by market leaders
  • mobility of sales managers due to web-interface use and the possibility to work with the system on mobile devices
  • increasing the quality and operational efficiency of service due to operational activities automation
  • reduction of business processes costs due to workflow and control functions automation

Homnet Leasing 14 is the most popular system among Russian and Ukrainian leasing companies. Over 200 leasing companies made their choice in favour of Homnet Leasing.

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Homnet: Local and Operational Accounting of Leasing Company

Homnet: Local and Operational Accounting of Leasing Company solution is based on 1C:Accounting 8, v. 2.0 and designed for automation of local and operational accounting of a leasing company.

Homnet Leasing company developed the solution on the initiative of 1C and leasing associations to meet the requirements of leasing companies for a cheap and functional information system for automation of leasing activities. Implementation of the solution allows leasing companies to dispense with expensive custom-built systems developed on 1C base packages and to use a box solution which consolidates experience of over 160 leasing companies and to easily update the operational system.

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