1C:Enterprise 8

The system of programs 1C:Enterprise 8.0 is intended for automation of everyday enterprise activities by automating many business tasks of economic and management activity, such as management accounting, business accounting, HR management, CRM, MRP, MRPII, etc.

1C:Enterprise 8.0 consists of a platform and business applications (applied solutions) created on the base of the platform. The platform itself is not software for end-users, as they work with one of many business applications being executed on the platform.

1C:Enterprise platform supports modern three-tier architecture of database interaction, scalability – from stand-alone computers, through multi-user environment with a separate database server and to distributed information bases Ц and Web-technologies. The platform provides developed, business-oriented and user-friendly GUI, business processes management mechanisms, rich integration means, XML-based data exchange mechanisms, embedded programming language, reporting engine, administration tools and more other features.

Meeting rapid application development ideology the platform includes integrated business application development tools, providing comprehensive industrial business applications maintenance.

Developed localization support tools provide the capability to create business applications for other countries and creation of multi-lingual business applications.

Thanks to its great flexibility and scalability of the complete technological platform 1C:Enterprise software is widely used in small (1-10 computers), medium- and large-scale companies (with hundreds PCs) .

There is a great number of business applications developed on 1C:Enterprise platform. They are supplied for a wide range of tasks: accounting, sales and warehouse, payroll calculation and personnel records, manufacturing, financial planning, accounting and reporting for private entrepreneurs, public sector accounting, report consolidation, defense and military accounting and others.

Total number of companies using 1C: Enterprise platform-based solutions comes to 1 000 000.

This approach with software separated into an applied solution and a platform allowed to establish a whole industry of 1C:Enterprise business applications development, automating various types of business activities using the single technologic platform.

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