Homnet: Local and Operational Accounting of Leasing Company

Homnet: Local and Operational Accounting of Leasing Company solution is based on 1C:Accounting 8, v. 2.0 and designed for automation of local and operational accounting of a leasing company.

Homnet Leasing company developed the solution on the initiative of 1C and leasing associations to meet the requirements of leasing companies for a cheap and functional information system for automation of leasing activities. Implementation of the solution allows leasing companies to dispense with expensive custom-built systems developed on 1C base packages and to use a box solution which consolidates experience of over 160 leasing companies and to easily update the operational system.

Functional capabilities of†the solution

  • drawing-up of leasing applications
  • preparation and agreement of preliminary calculations (loading of schedules of payments and accrued items from MS Excel files)†
  • conclusion of leasing contracts†
  • accounting†of purchasing leased assets
  • accounting of leased assets: lessor's and lessee's balance†
  • making of manual settlements with lessees
  • accounting of collateral security
  • accounting of received loans and credits
  • accounting of†pledged†fixed assets†
  • preparation of statutory statements

Advantages of implementing and†using the solution†

  • unique business and management accounting methodology which was devised using experience of over 160 Russian leasing companies†
  • system start in accordance with the technology of Standard Implementation Project within the shortest term†
  • detailed user documentation helps easily master the software product†
  • simple switch from 1C:Accounting 8, v. 2.0 to the software product Homnet: Local and Operational Accounting of Leasing Company by upgrading the configuration
  • regular release of updates due to change in the legislation, access to new configuration versions, new forms of reporting
  • the lowest software cost of all known customized industry solutions for leasing
  • the†software product is manufactured by 1C with material quality control†

The product is issued by 1C and freely distributed over 1C channels as well as via partners of Homnet Leasing company. The software product is accessible to regional leasing companies thanks to the detailed user documentation and ready-made Standard Implementation Project. The solution can be implemented by any 1C partner and by the leasing company itself. Low start costs of the information system will give quick return from use of the solution.

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