Homnet Leasing 14 software solution

Homnet Leasing 14 is a modern practical tool for managing various leasing deals at all stages from first client contact to final disposal of the leased items. Due to our 15-year experience of software implementation and development at the dynamic leasing market in CIS countries the system is very flexible and offers opportunities of individual settings without any developments. Functionality of 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform allows using the System at large enterprises with hundreds of users and portfolios including hundreds of thousands of leased items.

Functional capabilities of the solution

A distinctive feature of Homnet Leasing 14 System is high economic efficiency of automation and minimization of implementation and development risks due to use of a mass-market documented functionality and time-honoured technologies by a market leader:

Costs and risks minimization during implementation

  • possibility to buy the system on a step by step basis extending its functionality as long as the business grows due to modular architecture
  • minimal risks of the automation project failure due to project technology and industrial solution functionality* verified with dozens of implementation projects
  • optimization of implementation terms due to industrial system implementation There is methodological documentation for each module standard process description or standard accounting methodology description. There is no need to reinvent the wheel it is possible to use the standard approach as is or with insufficient changes
  • minimal load on key users and employees responsible for automation absence of the need to upgrade the system functionality excludes or considerably reduces the users' time spent on discussion, technical tasks development, acceptance of results, etc.

Protection of investments

  • fixed cost of support and financial guarantees of solving user problems within the restricted terms due to service level agreements
  • quick and complete support in case of any changes in statutory reports format and legislation due to use of 1C:Accounting as the basis of the module for local accounting
  • minimal risks of key persons change by the Customer or the Contractor that are possible only in case of using a mass-market documented product and centralized support

Development perspectives

  • new possibilities in accordance with market tendencies. Regular system releases include new functionalities based on the leasing community best practice (around 10 leasing companies regularly develop the standard system functionality)
  • quick adaptation to new business requirements. 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform allows developing new functionalities and change the system business logic as quick as possible
  • regional business development. Due to its distributed architecture the system provides the possibility of integration with various systems supporting local statutory and tax accounting while maintaining unified business standards. Homnet Leasing partnership program makes it possible to perform system implementation with the efforts of local suppliers of services, eliminating the complexities of remote communications

Implementation of Homnet Leasing 14 offers the following new opportunities to leasing business

  • access to best practices by market leaders
  • mobility of sales managers due to web-interface use and the possibility to work with the system on mobile devices
  • increasing the quality and operational efficiency of service due to operational activities automation
  • reduction of business processes costs due to workflow and control functions automation

Homnet Leasing 14 is the most popular system among Russian and Ukrainian leasing companies. Over 70 leasing companies made their choice in favour of Homnet Leasing.

* The industrial solution is an informational system, a standard (unchanged) functionality that is implemented and used at least in four large existing companies and contains a detailed description of supported business processes and a ready-to-use implementation plan.

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