Homnet Leasing Insurance

Module Homnet Leasing Insurance is a simple and efficient tool to control the insured assets, analyse and manage relations with insurance companies.


Automation of activities of employees responsible for insurance

  • preparing insurance applications
  • primary insurance and insurance policy renewals
  • accounting of settlement payments, issuing a register of payments
  • monitoring restructurizations and early policy closing
  • accounting of insured accidents and control of their settlement

Operative analysis and control of assets insurance

  • control of assets insurance
  • analysis of insurance statistics (insurance fees volume, rates, parameters)
  • control of actual insurance parameters correspondence to the credit committee terms

Showing insurance operations in local accounting

  • automatic generation of entries based on insurance policies schedules
  • possibility of automatic calculation and accounting of temporary and permanent differences for insurance policies
  • automatic accounting of restructurizations insured events, partial retirements and early closings
  • reconciliation of regulatory and operative accounting data

Maximum variability

  • insurance of leased, pledged and own assets (including assets withdrawn from leasing)
  • one policy for each asset or for several assets
  • the insurer can be the lessor or the lessee
  • the beneficiary can be a third party including the creditor


For employees responsible for automation

  • simplicity of implementation and deployment
  • possibility of independent implementation of operative and regulatory subsystems
  • a detailed instruction for accounting of operations

For employees responsible for insurance

  • bringing order of operations, refusal from using various Excel files
  • minimizing the risk of forgetting something
  • considerable time saving when looking for information and preparing reports

For managers

  • improving the reliability of assets insurance procedure, minimization of the risks of losses
  • possibility to organize control of the pledged insured assets
  • possibility of scaling the business without the need to increase the back-office headcount

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