Homnet Leasing Portfolio Management

Module Homnet Leasing Portfolio Management — a multifunctional high performance system of operating reporting in leasing companies. The main functions of the system, such as automation of lease contracts support and accounting of settlement payments with the lessees, have been tested and polished on dozens of successful implementation projects in Russia and Ukraine. The system is successfully used in leasing companies of various scale and business specifics.


Leasing portfolio management

  • preparation and accounting of contracts and schedules:
    • calculating schedules on origination of contract
    • printing the package of contracts
    • recalculating schedules on delivery
    • monitoring statuses of contracts coordination
    • control of returning and storing the scanned copies of signed contracts
  • automation of lease contracts support:
    • accounting of schedules
    • generation of invoices and payment reminders
  • supporting restructurisations and contracts closing:
    • calculation of schedules on providing grace periods, early purchase, etc.
    • preparing and printing additional appendixes and redemption contracts
    • monitoring statuses of contracts coordination
    • control of returning and storing the scanned copies of signed documents
  • accounts payable, calculation and charge of penalties:
    • accounting of payment settlements and overdues based on payment schedules by dates and items
    • accrual of off-schedule obligations (reimbursement of additional expenses, road fines, etc.)
    • repayment of liabilities on receiving payments and offsets
    • calculation and charging of penalty
    • consolidated and detailed reports on settlements, outstanding and overdue amounts
  • leased items accounting:
    • accounting of events with the leased items (purchase, transfer, sale, withdrawal)
    • reports on leased items in the leasing company and on the lessee site
  • reports generation:
    • by shipments
    • by contract status
    • by outstanding and overdue amounts
    • analytical by regions, business types, industries, products, segments, etc.

Relations with agents

  • coordination and execution of agency contracts
  • agency fees under lease contracts

Relations with suppliers

  • coordination and execution of frame contracts, supplier certification
  • coordination and execution of purchase contracts
  • schedules of payments to suppliers

Loan portfolio management

  • accounting of loan contracts and credit lines
  • calculation of schedules and interests on loan contracts
  • reporting on the portfolio


For employees responsible for automation

  • implementation and deployment methodology confirmed by dozens of successful implementations
  • a standard methodology of settlement payments accounting is used during implementation that ensures up-to-datedness of the settlement data and successful passing of internal audits
  • a detailed instruction for accounting of operations

For back-office employees

  • bringing order of operations, refusal from using various Excel files
  • minimization of error occurrence risks on calculating schedules, calculating penalties, etc.
  • elimination of a huge number of routine operations when preparing additional contracts
  • considerable time saving when looking for information and preparing reports

For managers

  • improving the operational efficiency of obtaining information required for decision making
  • improving the quality of client portfolio support, minimization of reputational risks
  • possibility of scaling the business without the need to increase the back-office headcount

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