Homnet Leasing Soft Collection

Module Homnet Leasing Soft Collection is a tool to analyse the state of mutual settlements with customers and managing activities aimed at preventing appearance and minimization of overdues.


Analysis of the state of mutual settlements with customers

  • flexible analysis of overdue, accounts receivable and open risks for a portfolio
  • analysis of mutual settlements and overdue dynamics
  • recognition of cross-default terms of contracts, related groups of counteragents

Developing activities related with accounts receivable

  • determining business rules to develop various activities depending on the state and maturity of overdue and customer category
  • assigning responsible persons to customers
  • developing various activities and storing their history:
    • reminders on future payments via mail and sms
    • letters notifying about payment delays
    • planning and executing phoning
    • creation of collection requests
    • accruing penalties


For employees responsible for automation

  • simplicity of implementation and deployment
  • flexible parametric setting making it possible to consider peculiarities of working with various customer groups and adapt the rules to business environment changes

For risk department employees

  • flexible analysis of accounts payable and overdue
  • automation of routine operations, saving time and reducing possibility of errors

For managers

  • updated data on "problematic" customers
  • activities efficiency analysis

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