Homnet Leasing Credits and Loans

Homnet Leasing Credits and Loans module is intended for operative management of raised funds portfolio. The system makes it possible to automatize working both with simple loan and credit contracts and with contracts with floating interest rates and various types of credit lines.


Automation of working with raised funds contracts

  • accounting of separate credit and loan contracts, storing contract terms with change history
  • accounting of credit lines and tranches, storing terms and rules of repayment both generally for the line and for each tranche
  • calculating schedules of raising and repaying funds, paying interests and various commissions (for raising funds, for not using funds, for repayment, non-recurrent ones) using a powerful credit calculator

Automation of working with loan contracts with floating interest rates

  • mechanisms of storing Libor, Euribor, Mosprime rates, loading rates from Excel
  • storing the rules of loan rates changes (including changes due to interest payment events)
  • automatic calculation and fixing of floating rates for the contracts based on the rules
  • recalculating schedules when the rates change

Automatic update of loan portfolio schedules

  • automatic update of schedules in case of changing the contracts terms and when floating rates are fixed
  • control of the principal and interests payment periods
  • control of differences in planned and actual payments

Loan portfolio analysis

  • loan portfolio analysis by various aspects (currencies, creditors, maturity, etc.)
  • analysis of free credit limits and their terms
  • detailed loan history for loan application preparation


For employees responsible for automation

  • possibility of implementation and support without development due to flexible parameter setting

For financial experts

  • possibility to organize full-value loan management in a single system abandoning Excel
  • considerable reduction of labour intensity and efficiency increase due to automation of calculations

For managers

  • considerable reduction of operational risks
  • possibility of saving staff costs

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