Homnet Leasing Forecasting and Budgeting

Homnet Leasing Forecasting and Budgeting module is a functional tool for planning, forecasting and analysis of a leasing company financial results. A solution for automating activities of the financial service employees as well as of all the services involved in the budgeting process.


Financial planning and forecasting

  • planning of cash flows by items, subdivisions, projects and contracts
  • planning incomes and expenses, payment of profit tax and VAT to the budget
  • building financial plans by projects with regard to actual contracts, sales plans and non-operational revenues and expenses
  • forecasting with regard to various scenarios of currency rates changes


  • development and approval of cost center budgets by scenarios with various depth and detalization
  • developing cash flow budgets, income and expense budgets, tax budgets
  • developing planned budgets based of schedule data, use of forecast sales plans
  • developing actual budgets using the RAS or IFRS accounting data
  • periodic updating of budgets with possibility to compare different versions
  • comparative plan/actual and plan/plan analysis


For employees responsible for automation

  • possibility of independent adaptation of the budget model by financial department employees due to flexible settings

For financial experts

  • consistency of operations, refusal from using various Excel files
  • considerable time saving when looking for information and preparing reports
  • use of schedules under contracts and sales forecasts when updating plans and budgets
  • forecasting payments of profit tax and VAT to the budget
  • integrated accounting infrastructure: planned and actual data in the same database, convenience of the plan-fact analysis
  • flexibility of settings: cost center, budget items, data sources for obtaining planned and actual values, several levels of analytics
  • planning variability: detalization by periods, various scenarios of forward currency exchange rates

For managers

  • obtaining real-time information on financial streams
  • planning, forecasting and budgeting by contracts, cost centers
  • possibility to assess the impact of non-concluded deals and new businesses on financial results

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