Homnet Leasing Payment Calendar

Homnet Leasing Payment Calendar module is a convenient tool for operative short-term planning of cash flow, preparation, control and processing of payments. The system makes it possible to automate operational activities of treasury employees and all the persons responsible for preparing payment requests.


Collection of requests for payments

  • manual input of requests on administrative and household and other expenses
  • automatic generation of requests based on approved payment schedules to supply, loan and insurance contracts

Coordination of requests

  • control of correspondence of requests to approved budgets by the company/unit/project
  • coordination routes depending on the budget item/amount of request

Payment schedule

  • determining funds availability with regard to planned cash-in and cash-out
  • distribution of approved payment requests by dates and bank accounts
  • cash deficiency management
  • planning of short-term cash placement on deposits
  • generation of payment register

Data loading into the accounting module

  • generation of payment orders based on accepted requests for payments
  • sending payment orders via the Internet Bank


For employees responsible for automation

  • simplicity of implementation and deployment
  • use of standard business processes

For persons responsible for payment requests generation and treasury employees

  • consistency of operations, refusal from using various Excel files
  • online control of limits by budget items when executing a payment request
  • integrated accounting infrastructure: payment requests, acceptance, payment orders
  • convenient payment calendar interface

For managers

  • operative short-term planning of cash flows
  • control of limits by budget items
  • reduction of risks and expenses due to process automation

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