Homnet Leasing Front-office Online

Homnet Leasing Front-office Online is the possibility to expand the retail business in the regions while saving on staff and infrastructure. The system developed on 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform ensures efficient "field" work of sales managers with a simple and convenient web-interface. Due to integrated functionality of the "leasing conveyor" the product supports controlled processing of deals in accordance with the approved workflow. This makes it possible for a small number of head office specialists to ensure mass processing of requests from managers.


Source information entering

  • entering contact details of a new customer, identification of the existing ones
  • processing initial customer request, preparing a commercial offer
  • requesting and collecting documents required for counteragents accreditation and credit committee decision making
  • after the application is approved at the credit committee sending requests to the back office for preparing the set of contracts (lease contract, supply contract, guarantee contract)
  • generation of requests: for payments on the basis of supply contract, insurance, for transfer of property to leasing

Processing data received from managers, preparation for decision making

  • preparation to counteragents accreditation (suppliers, agents)
  • registering the results of risks and security analysis
  • drafting the credit decision protocol

Holding the credit committee, accreditations, approvals

  • voting on the accreditation protocols
  • voting on the credit decision protocols, electronic correspondence and proposal of alternatives
  • coordinating payment requests
  • establishing and controlling of limits to counteragents and counteragent groups

Preparation of documents by the back-office based on requests from managers

  • creation of supply, lease, guarantee contracts
  • creation of property delivery-acceptance reports, letters of attorney

Organizing staff motivation system

  • tasks dispatching
  • appointing tasks and actions, control of their execution
  • establishing and monitoring standard application processing performance

Integration with the back-office

  • the product is developed on 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform and integrated with the operational package of Homnet Leasing 14 system. Requests for contracts creation, for payment under the supply contracts and insurance policies, requests for property transfer to leasing are delivered to the back office via the exchange module and make it possible to create all the necessary business objects and printouts


  • the system makes it possible to perform user parametric setting of the required processes, in short terms create and amend lease products, document coordination routes, verifications in the deal control points


For employees responsible for automation

  • less load on the infrastructure administrators due to the web interface there is no need to install and update the platform at client desktops
  • no need in parallel web development

For heads of units

  • raising the speed of processes completion due to their formalization, automation and control
  • lower requirements to the level of skills of employees due to the "lease conveyor" with automation of control functions and norms

For managers

  • saving on infrastructure and staff in the process of regional business development

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