Homnet Leasing Sales

Module Homnet Leasing Sales is a convenient tool for raising the efficiency of leasing deals sales and customer relations management. The system makes it possible to automate the operational activities of the leasing company front- and middle-office and provides the tools for sales planning and analysis.


Leasing business management

  • “product approach” support (classifier of products, programs, rates and stocks)
  • regional network support (classification by points and regions of sales)
  • automatic formation of sales funnel
  • sales planning and plan-actual analysis in terms of products and points of sales
  • business processes and tasks, reports on set, accomplished and “hanging up” tasks

Comfortable “work places” for personnel with the interface that is similar to MS Outlook and opportunity of a web-access

  • list of transactions with various filters (current, transferred for risk analysis, approved and declined, “hanging up” etc.)
  • Information on transactions (forwarded commercial offers, history of statuses, history of contracts etc.)

CRM, services for rapid procession of the incoming messages

  • client identification based on contact information
  • settlement of schedules with a standard calculator, preparation and forwarding of commercial offers
  • minimizing of doubled data input in the process of transferring to risk department and contract arrangement

Risk management automation

  • control of completeness and non-contradiction of data input before transferring of a transaction to the risk department, control of the completeness of the document delivery
  • scoring models, risk levels, recommendations on conclusion of a transaction
  • suballocated electronic credit committee

Automation of preparation and agreement of contracts

  • making up of sets of documents (leasing contracts, supply contracts, additional security contracts etc.)
  • supervising the implementation of credit finding
  • document workflow, monitoring of an approval status


For employees responsible for automation

  • simplicity of implementation and deployment
  • adjustable processes
  • fine parametriszation without adjustments
  • simplicity of learning by users user training due to detailed supporting documentation

For sales managers

  • a minimal number of actions to process one application
  • convenient working places desktop, simplified interface
  • automatic generation of reports

For risk department employees

  • drafting and approving loan agreements credit decisions
  • control of loan decisions execution credit decisions compliance

For managers

  • full control of the selling process at all steps
  • tools for reducing the sales cycle
  • speeding up the time of deal completion
  • reducing the time for new employees training
  • reducing the branch opening time and cost

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