Homnet Leasing Integration module

Homnet Leasing 14 software solution consists of several packages. Each package represents one or several informational databases that exchange data with the integration module:

  • mobile and web application package (includes several informational databases)
  • operative management package (one informational database Homnet Leasing 14)
  • accounting package (one informational database Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting)

Each database in its turn consists of one basic and several additional application modules. The basic module is supplied with the informational database (as it is a carrier of its basic business objects), additional modules can be purchased and implemented separately.

The integration module makes it possible to ensure synchronization of data and object statuses among informational databases.

Module capabilities

  • regular online data exchange without user involvement and without storing data in the intermediary files (the system does everything independently, if there are collisions a message is sent to responsible persons)
  • considerable acceleration and possibility to process large data volumes due to optimized procedures and latest technologies (the speed of work up to 30 times exceeds the “standard” technology “Exchange plans + Data conversion”, the ability to work with portfolios of tens of thousands of lease contracts)
  • possibility to organize exchange in the star network topology (the informational database of operational accounting performs exchange both with the accounting database of Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting and with the databases of the mobile and web-application package)
  • a standard technology of requesting the data of incident databases makes it possible to easily generate reports using data from several informational databases (including reconciliation reports among several databases)
  • the module is accompanied with detailed methodological materials — a standard methodology of working in a distributed system, standard exchange rules between Homnet Leasing and Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting, documents and recommendations on rule settings

From the technical point of view the integration module is a set of technological objects included into each configuration of databases performing exchange. The exchange parameters are specified in each database in user mode. Besides database parameters and web services with which the exchange is performed are registered on the server.


Flexible adjustment of exchange rules and parameters

  • setting correspondence of objects and attributes. In the user mode it is possible to set correspondence of objects of various informational bases and their attributes. Herewith it is possible for the objects to have different structures
  • setting the rules of objects registration for exchange. It is possible to exclude from exchange instances of the objects transfer of which in accordance with the migration plan is senseless (for example only payment and accruals schedules migrate from Homnet Leasing to Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting)
  • setting the frequency of exchange. Exchange is performed with the frequency set by the administrator. High efficiency makes it possible to perform exchange every 3-5 minutes and more often
  • setting of object editing disabling. Editing of each object type can be disabled in any incident database

Complex exchange support

  • two-way exchange
  • simultaneous exchange with several informational databases in the star network topology

Exchange statistics analysis

  • viewing exchange history
  • obtaining information on errors and collisions

Special possibilities when transferring from Homnet Leasing 8 to distributed architecture Homnet Leasing 14

  • verifying correctness of accounting (correctness of balances that will be transferred into Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting configuration as opening balances at the beginning of the year)
  • transfer of all the reference data and other reference sources from Homnet Leasing 14 configuration to Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting configuration in the package mode
  • transfer of opening balances into Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting configuration
  • verifying correctness of opening balances transfer to Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting configuration using a reconciliation report
  • transfer of documents for any time period into Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting configuration. After opening balances transfer and verification the exchange module allows transferring the current year documents into Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting configuration. Thus the possibility of transfer to a distributed system not only at the beginning of a calendar year but also on any other date is provided


  • the exchange procedure is practically unnoticeable for current operations of users due to high exchange efficiency provided by technology improvements
  • independent location of informational databases Configurations Homnet Leasing 14 and Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting may be located on two physically different servers
  • possibility to perform data migration with any 1C database and any other system due to supporting service oriented architecture (SOA)

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