Homnet Leasing Mobile Sales Tool

Homnet Leasing Mobile Sales Tool module is a simple way to expand the sales network without additional costs. Use of mobile applications on tablet computers supporting the offline mode opens new possibilities for the leasing business, such as sales at any place, involvement of dealers and agents in sales, independence on connections and Internet availability.


Preparing commercial offers

  • choosing the leased item from a catalogue with illustrations and basic specifications
  • setting basic calculation parameters (lease term, down payment rate, schedule type, etc.)
  • preliminary calculation of the payment schedule with a built-in calculator
  • contact information input and storage
  • preparing the proposal and sending via e-mail

Work with customer database

  • reminders about non-processed proposals
  • quick calls, sending e-mails and sms
  • customer communication history

Preparing applications and collecting documents

  • registration of leasing applications
  • attaching scanned copies of documents
  • attaching other pictures (photo of offices, etc)

Integration with Homnet Leasing 14

  • loading reference information lease items classifier, leasing programs and their parameters, etc.
  • loading of prepared commercial offers and leasing applications into Homnet Leasing 14
  • loading application status changes

Sales analysis

  • statistics on commercial proposals and calls
  • sales funnel, pipeline


For employees responsible for automation

  • there is no need to involve mobile application developers in support and development as the applications are developed on 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform
  • fewer infrastructure requirements due to reducing the load on the informational system during off-line work

For heads of sales departments

  • new ways of selling due to mobility increase possibility to quickly develop a proposal while being at a dealer's showroom, at an exhibition, conference, etc.
  • possibility to extend the sales network due to attracting dealers and agents

For managers

  • raising the competitiveness of the leasing company due to new selling methods
  • saving on IT infrastructure and headcount

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