Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting

Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting is a module developed on the base of 1C:Accounting 8 and intended for automation of local statutory and tax accounting in leasing companies in Russia. The product includes all the functionalities of a standard configuration 1C:Accounting 8 as well as provides broad possibilities in the part of leasing operations accounting.


Accounting of leased assets

  • capital investments:
    • purchased leased items before transfer to leasing are accounted on a separate account by lease contracts and unique stock items (stating serial numbers)
    • to determine the exact cost of lease capital investments on making settlements with suppliers in foreign currency the set off of the advance payments can be performed both in the automatic and in the manual mode
  • fixed assets:
    • leased fixed assets may be accounted both on the balance sheet of the lessor and on the balance sheet of the lessee
    • accounting of fixed assets on the balance sheet of the lessor is performed by lessees and lease contracts
    • all the basic operations with leased items are automated: transfer to leasing, accrual of depreciation, return from leasing, sale, subsequent leasing, writing off
    • recording of selling fixed assets with a loss in the tax accounting is automated
    • for unified printed forms for fixed assets the possibility of automatic display of signatories is provided

In case of joint use of the system with the operational package Homnet Leasing 14 automatic generation of elements of the reference “Fixed Assets” and accounting documents on the basis of operative data is provided.

Recording operations under lease contracts

  • mutual settlements with lessees:
    • invoices on lease services accrual, VAT invoices and invoices for payment are generated, printed and sent via e-mail (if required) in the automatic batch mode on the basis of leasing schedules. The contents of services and signatories are filled automatically using the rules that are set in the user mode
    • accounting of initial, current and buy-off advance payments can be performed separately, if required
    • the system supports the most popular in the Russian lease community schemes of leasing with accounting on the balance of the lessee
    • the operation of changing the lessee is automated

In case of joint use of the system with the operative package Homnet Leasing 14 automatic recognition of the income connected with overdue penalties on their accrual or payment is provided

Accounting of collateral over lease contracts is automated.

Accounting of banking operations

  • the mechanism of automatic statement allocation provides the following opportunities:
    • to set in the user mode the rules of determining the bank's document parameters based on the description of payment (type of operation, counteragent contracts, settlement accounts, cash flow item)
    • to automatically fill the bank's details in the documents when loading a statement from the Internet bank in accordance with the set parameters

Accounting of collection orders operations

  • the subsystem for accounting of collection orders operations provides the following opportunities:
    • create collection orders and generate collection orders register
    • withdraw collection orders
    • perform accounting of balances on non-repaid collection orders, generate reports

Accounting of insurance

  • in case of shared system use with operative module Homnet Leasing Insurance the following possibilities are obtained:
    • automatic generation of elements of the reference “Deferred Expenses” and documents “Receipt of Goods and Services” based on insurance policies and payment schedules
    • calculation and accounting of tax temporary and permanent differences on insurance policies
    • recording of insurance policy restructurization operations — settlement of insured events, partial retirements and early repayments with detailed recording in tax accounting

Recording of credits and loans received

  • the following basic operations under credit and loan contracts are automated:
    • interests on the received loans and credits are accrued automatically including with regard to target use
    • within the standard month closing procedure transfer of liabilities from short-term to long-term is performed

Operations of pledging and releasing from pledge are automated. Based on the pledge documents a pledge book of fixed assets is generated.

Accounting of loans issued

  • the accrual of interests on issued loans is automated

Integration with Homnet Leasing 14

In case of joint use of the System with Homnet Leasing 14 data exchange between them is performed in the automatic mode using the integration module.


Using the module Homnet Leasing Russian Accounting provides the following opportunities

  • perform local and tax accounting in accordance with the applicable law of the Russian Federation
  • considerably increase the performance of accountants due to automatic generation of basic operations with the schemes of recording data in local and tax accounting in the most complete and detailed way
  • if required develop the operational functionality without complicating the support of the accounting functionality
  • perform support and maintenance under SLA with regular upgrade to releases of the 1C:Accounting 8 configuration by 1C at a fixed price

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