Homnet Leasing Customer Self-service

Homnet Leasing Customer Self-service is a tool for improving the efficiency and quality of customer servicing. The system makes it possible for the existing lessees to operatively obtain information on current deals via the Internet If required the customer can independently get the required information without disturbing the leasing company staff.


Principles of IT-infrastructure organization

  • a corporate website or a special website can be used as the Internet display
  • Internet users shall be added based on a request to Homnet Leasing 14
  • the data for the site are obtained dynamically from the Homnet leasing 14 system using web-service technology

Information provided to clients

  • current deals and their statuses
  • nearest payments and mutual settlements state
  • leased objects
  • insurance policies
  • requested documents

Possibility to print copies of documents

  • OS-1 reports
  • TORG-12 consignments
  • invoices on lease services and VAT invoices


For employees responsible for automation

  • there is no need to develop and maintain separate databases — all the information is obtained directly from 1C
  • clear segregation of duties at the level of data structure between Internet developers (mapping) and 1C programmers (data selection)

For employees responsible for customer support

  • increasing staff efficiency due to implementation of “self service” elements
  • proving staff activities organization due to electronic integration and fewer number of phone calls

For managers

  • raising the quality of customer servicing due to operative independent access to information
  • optimization of lease portfolio support costs

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