Homnet Leasing Partner Self-service

Homnet Leasing Partner Self-service is a tool for expanding the sales network due to maximum involvement of dealers and agents into the processes. The system with Internet access provides the partners a possibility to independently perform most sales manager functions — register information on potential customers, make standard commercial offers, calculate the score, collect copies of documents, monitor the state of decision preparation and decision making processes, etc.


Principles of IT-infrastructure organization

  • a corporate website or a special website can be used as the Internet display
  • Internet users shall be added based on a request to Homnet Leasing 14
  • the data for the site are obtained dynamically from the Homnet Leasing 14 system using web-service technology

Information provided to partners

  • current deals and their statuses with history of changes
  • requested and provided documents
  • sales reports
  • the partner's customer database, contact information and history of interaction

Offered functionalities

  • preliminary calculation of schedules for standard products
  • registering potential clients contact details
  • preparing offers
  • requesting the standard document package
  • registering scanned copies and electronic versions of documents
  • registering financial and other indicators of clients
  • calculating the customer score


For employees responsible for automation

  • there is no need to develop and maintain separate databases — all the information is obtained directly from 1C
  • clear segregation of duties at the level of data structure between Internet developers (mapping) and 1C programmers (data selection)

For heads of sales departments

  • increasing staff efficiency due to implementation of “self service” elements
  • improving staff activities organization due to electronic integration and fewer number of phone calls

For managers

  • raising the speed of customer servicing due to operative independent access to information
  • expanding the sales network without additional expenses on staff and sales process support

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